A quick background.

I am a graduate of geography & urban planning from Sorbonne university and also an MBA holder from Northampton University UK.


I have been involved heavily in the fitness, health and nutrition industry since 2006 where I decided to improve my life and drop from 120kg to 60kg over the years.

Helping people become their best versions of themselves has become a passion for me. I want you to reach new heights both mentally and physically.


& I am certified.

I’ve taken numerous nutrition courses and got certified from some of the top institutes in this field, including:

Diploma in Sports Management

designed by FIFA and Paris Sorbonne 

Health Coach Certification

from Integrative Nutrition

Ongoing certification

from Precise Nutrition 

I believe in


Appalled by the “One-Size-Fits-All” method, I have developed my own tailored approach to guarantee an enjoyable journey for you, as you make your way to success.

I believe in bio individuality and the process of creating special and customizing plans that adhere strictly to you. My goal in coaching you is not changing a number on the scale, but rather to guide you towards ending your limiting factors and achieving success in all aspects of your life.