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What is health coaching?

A health coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. 


Often times, Health Coaches provide their services in private coaching practices with one-on-one and group coaching.


A holistic transformation.

A health coach does not describe a dietary plan, but focuses on general health and tries to work with the client to better their concerns such as career, spirituality, physical activity and relationships amongst other areas of life. 

One size does not fit all.

Health coaching isn’t about one diet or one way of living. Instead, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches focus on bio-individuality – the idea that we’re all different and have unique dietary, lifestyle, emotional, and physical needs.

This means that we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. Instead, Health Coaches work with clients to help them discover how to fuel their bodies and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

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